When it comes to healty fats or plant based oils it's very important to avoid oils that are rancid or oxidized In part 1 & 2 we talked about heating oils passed their smoke point, and how dangerous but also putting oils on a salad that have been exposed to light or air can also make that rancid and be just as dangerous.

People understand not to eat mold on food, yet they eat oils that are rancid oils and it's far worse than that all the time.

If you've ever eaten any oil in a restaurant that is out in a clear glass bottle with an open air top then you've eaten rancid oil and that exist in about every restaurant that has oils for salads.

And in most restaurants it's notactually olive oil, it's olive oil cut with GMO canola oil and you can actually buy itlike this.

Now, not all restaurants are guilty of this high end ones can afford to buy100% real oils but you can ask yours.

When I was in Italy, I use to go to this farm to get the most incredible olive oil that I've ever tasted and in reality that's theway of olive oil is supposed to taste.

The only difference is there it wasn't rancid or oxidized it wasn't fake or cut with other oils, like many of them do here now with all of the problems associatedwith olive oil between them becoming rancid as well as 70% of alloils being fake or fraudulent from large companies, and that it's so expensive soI'm no longer a big fan of it.

In fact Olive Oil even has a chlorophyl in it it that speeds up the oxidation making it rancid quicker.

I have three oils that I like better than olive oils, but if you're really stuck Olive oil, a couple things you want to look for is always buy in a dark glass bottle, either dark green or darkbrown and get them in small bottles.

The other thing that you can do to protectit further is put a paper bag around it like I have here.

And you can break open a capsule of astaxanthin with a pin, wearing gloves, since this can stain your skin, but this will protect the oil from oxidation.

The other thing to look for is a harvest date and an expiration date as well as it has the seal on it for the International Olive Oil council and I'll have links in the blog for the ones that I like.

I also believe it is important to use a variety of different types of healthy fats particually those from animal fats as well as health books like the gut and psychology syndrome point out the incredible benefits of that when you are getting it pasture raised and organic.

Now some of the oils that I prefer over olive oil are: number one avocado oil and this has even receivedprescription drug status in France because of its proven ability toovercome the negative effects of arthritis it can protect against free radical damagecellular degeneration and inflammation, and research has shown that whether you consume it or use it topically it can help to increasecollagen and connective tissue which is great for all types of skin particularlydry or aging skin.

Now it has a great fatty acid profile and it probably taste betterthan any oil you've ever cooked with.

It has a very high smoke point so it's good for thatas a talked about in part two of this oil series.

Now you always want to look for organic, cold pressed, extra virgin avocado, and I'll have links for this on the site.

The next one that I really like is a particular type of sunflower oil.

This is an organic sunflower oil that's hight in oliac acid and it's very rare because it's from a hybridized plant.

This has a very similiar profile to olive oil with similar benefits.

It's low in polyunsaturated, high in monounsaturated fats and high in oliac acid and this makes it less apt to becoming rancid because it's morestable and of course less apt to being cut with other oils.

This is far different than the typicalsunflower oil that you see supermarket and it's very difficult to find a coldpresent version of this.

I've only seen it online I will have links on exactly where to get in which ones I like.

And it is way less expensive than olive oil as well.

Finally anotheroil I really like as well is Coconut Oil.

This is good for so many different things.

I use it for my hair, skin, oil pulling with it, cooking with it, and so many different things and people at this point are understanding the many different benefits of coconut oil I highly recommend it.

The main message here is to avoid most if not all of the oils that you see in supermarkets particularly in a clearplastic or glass bottle because they're rancid and they're causing so many ofthe healthy and digestive problems that people have nowadays because theyare clogging up your liver and causing so many of the digestive issues likeallergies to gluten, dairy, nuts and so many other things.

So you really want to avoidthis.

In the only days olive oil was delivered on a weekly basis likethey did with milk because they knew how fragile it was and how easily it became rancid.

And now you see them in clear plastic bottles in the supermarket and they have years before they expire.

These wouldnormally taste and smell terrible but they could preservatives, deoterizers, and bleach in it to stop this from happening a you don't already know, never use vegetable shortening or margarine.

These are full of unhealthy ingredients and trans fats, which are very difficultto get out of your system I hope you try these oils because not only are they super healthy but they taste great to.

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Com Good Luck!.